Ranthambore Fort


Ranthambhore National Park is named after the Ranthambhore Fort which is of the 10th century,it covers the hill at the heart of the Park.This Fort lies on the two adjoining hills which are named by the Rann and Thambhore with the breathtaking views of the Park.This Fort is surrounded by the massive stonewalls and with the various towers and the bastions.It is believed that the Ranthambhore Fort is built by the Chauhans ruler during the period of the 8th century.Ranthambore came into existence after Prithvi Raj Chouhan who was the last Hindu King of Delhi.But actually the Ranthambore came when most known ruler of this period Raja Hammir Dev was crowned in 1283 A.D.

The Ranthambore Fort is spread in an area of 7 kms and 4kms of the nearby area are also included in it.This Fort is the famous tourists sightseeings of the Place with the various buildings, many cenotaphs, mosques,temples, barracks, step-well and gates. This Fort is surrounded with the various towers and the bastions.The major tourists attraction of the Fort is the Ganesha Temple where a large number of tourists come every year to gain the blessings of the God.


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