Rajbagh Talao


Rajbagh Talao is the famous picturesque of the three lakes, it is a famous tourists destination and located between the Padam Talao (lake) and the Raj Bagh Talao.The major attractions of the place is the animals that seem to always flock to it's waters and also see the large population of animals and birds feeding in it.The tourists come here to see the sambhar deer who eat plants from the lake floor and nowhere is it more evident than at the Rajbagh Talao. Many other birds are found here like the egrets can also be seen here.The surroundings of the jungle are one of the lucky few who come across one of the resident tigers.
This place gives a unique touch to the Ranthambore National Park by which it is called the famous wildlifes reserves and the jungle by which it is known for the famous and the attractive tourists places.Basically it is famous National Park and the tourists attraction in the entire world.


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