Mammals In Ranthambore

Tiger, at the apex of the food chain, lord of the kingdom in a subtle way. Solitary by nature, it operates in the stealth. Therefore tiger sightings, frequent as they are, are always a matter of chance. However even evidences of tiger's activities are very exciting. 
Other kinds of cats found in Ranthambore are Leopard, Caracal, Leopard cat, Fishing cat and Jungle cat. The other large predators include Sloth Bear, Striped Hyena, Jackal, Desert fox, Palm civet, common mongoose, crocodile, python etc. There are two species of antlers the spotted deer (chital), and Sambhar deer and two kinds of antelopes namely the Indian Gazelle (chinkara ) and the Bluebull ( Nilgai ). 
Besides tiger, there are many other animals to observe, understand and enjoy. Elegant and graceful spotted deer, huge sambhar, crocodiles basking around the lakes, vultures soaring in the sky, Serpent eagles scanning the ground from its perch or the kaleidoscope of waterfowl at the pools are all the interest for a visitor with sensitivity. Ranthmbhore is a great experience in totality and the Tiger Den Resort will enhance your experience by making it cool and comfortable. 
Ranthambore is also rich in bird life with around 300 species of birds. Infact for a keen bird watcher Ranthambore and the surrounding area is a paradise. Some interesting resident species of birds are large Cormorant, Painted Spurfowl, Sarus Crane, Bronzed winged Jacana, Sandpiper, Kingfisher, Nightjar, Painted Sandgrouse, Great horned owl and many more regular winter migrants which come from their nesting ground north of Himalayas to Ranthambore and surrounding areas.
Main Trees of Ranthambore
1. Wild Date palm or Khajur - Phoenix Sylvestris
2. Peepal Tree - Ficus religiosa
3. Dhak, Chila or The Flame of the Forest - Butea Monosperma
4. Banyan Tree - Ficus Benghalensis
5. Indian Jujube or Ber - Zizyphus Mauritiana
6. Dhok - Anogeissus Pendula
7. Karaya Gum Tree - Sterculia Urens
8. Khair Tree - Acacia catechu
9. Tendu or Coromandel Ebony - Diospyros melanoxylon
10. Khus Grass - Vetivaria ziziniodes